Imagine pumping in the gym, while Eminem’s “Lucky You” is on repeat.

That right there is a huge morale booster. Speaking of Rock, RNB, Hip-hop, and Reggae, music has earned a reputable place in people’s everyday lives. Interestingly, the scope of music is as vast as it gets. There are choristers, harmonizing their voices to give off good music in churches. The Disk Jockey sends the Sis Love Me discount roaring with his mix. Bargoers listen to the calm and soothing vocals of a lounge singer. Funnily enough, something as trivial as whistling in the shower is still music. Music is in the air all around you.


There are different genres of music. They differ in style, instruments, and rhythm. The preferences of these genres also vary. This may be due to events, emotions, or the environment. Jamaicans are well known for loving Reggae; thanks to the legendary Bob Marley. Rock music, on the other hand, is most popular among Americans. Below, these genres are explained in detail: Have you heard of ‘Imagine Dragons’ and ‘The Beatles’? Those are Rock bands. Rock Music, also called Rock ‘n’ Roll, came into existence in the 1950s. This type of music according to, has a very strong beat and is performed by a band with electric guitars and drums. Hip-hop, also known as rap, is a style of music that originated in the 1970s in the inner cities of the United States of America. Its lyrical technique uses rhymes and alliterations to fit into beats. It has gained much popularity worldwide, as well as contemporary relevance. Over the years, it has evolved. With the coming of Travis Scott, Lil Baby, and Roddy Ricch, amongst many others, trap music has become a subgenre of Hip-hop. Here, the lyrics are rather spoken. Its features include rhyme, dark 808 kick drums, and heavy sub-bass. Originating in the 1960s, Reggae has become the most dominant music in Jamaica. It was made popular by the famous Bob Marley, who has inspired recent artists like his sons; Darmian Marley and Protoje. Reggae lyrics are mostly political and social. It involves a lot of off-beat rhythms. As a genre, it relies heavily on drums and bass guitars to give a distinct jumpy vibe.


RnB is an abbreviation for another musical genre; rhythm and blues.

This genre combines jazz, pop, gospel, and blues. This genre spanned from the 70s to the early 2000s before evolving into more dynamic variants. Popular RnB artists include Chris Brown, Usher, Ne-Yo, and SZA.

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Music is global and is used for various purposes.

Upbeat music naturally improves one’s mood and eases one’s emotions. Music also fosters healthy activities such as meditation and physical exercises. It also unites people. Music is essential to everyday life. It is heard at parties, churches, and even funerals. Also, it is instrumental to living healthily and positively. Why not create that MetArt Network playlist that can put you in the right headspace when you take a walk or get on the bus?