Wells Fargo Fundraising

Wells Fargo contracts through a company called Spectra for much of its concessions sales support. Spectra offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to work the concessions and receive a percentage of the proceeds. Compensation is made to the organization as follows:

        In consideration for the series provided by Group, Group shall be paid 10% of net receipts for permanent and portable food stands, and 8% of net receipts for permanent and portable alcohol stands (including beer portables). A minimum of $50.00 per requested volunteer, per event will be paid. Group shall provide Spectra with the Group's Federal Tax Identification Number to Spectra before any payment will be made. Payment shall be made to Group by check twice month.

To receive payments, you must have a receipt for music-related items or services

Interested in volunteering?  Please contact Tami Good at tamis08@gmail.com - Click HERE and HERE to download forms.