Wells Fargo Fundraising

Wells Fargo contracts through a company called Spectrum/Ovations for much of its concessions sales support. Spectrum/Ovations offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to work the concessions and receive a percentage of the proceeds. Compensation is made to the organization as follows:

        In consideration for the series provided by Group, Group shall be paid 10% of net receipts for permanent and portable food stands, and 8% of net receipts for permanent and portable alcohol stands (including beer portables). A minimum of $50.00 per requested volunteer, per event will be paid. Group shall provide Spectrum/Ovations with the Group's Federal Tax Identification Number to Spectrum/Ovations before any payment will be made. Payment shall be made to Group by check twice month.

To receive payments, you must have a receipt for music-related items or services

Click HERE for complete rules and guidelines

Interested in volunteering?  Please contact Tammi Good Click HERE to download forms