About Norwalk Music Boosters

Our charter as a non-profit, parent-run organization is to help support all of the vocal and instrumental programs within Norwalk's public schools.

  • We organize fundraising
  • Provide event support and
  • Work to enhance and support the program offerings

Did you know?

  • The Music Boosters support all music programs, band and vocal, in all grades
  • We are a group of parents who meet for one hour, once a month
  • We provide grants for students involved in music throughout the summer months
  • You don’t have to have a student in music or band to be a booster…only someone with a love of music


How do I join?

Simply show up at one of our meetings. There are no dues or requirements other than a desire to support the fine music programs at Norwalk.

What about the elementary schools?

Norwalk Music Boosters supports ALL music programs including the elementary, middle, 8/9 and high schools.